Integrating AutoCAD with Autodesk Build

Get seamless collaboration between design and construction with AutoCAD and Autodesk Build

​Linking drawings to Autodesk Build streamlines communication, eliminates errors and creates a more productive dynamic between design and build teams. With a digital collaboration platform, sharing changes becomes more straightforward, no longer relying on marked up PDFs or handwritten notes.

Communicating changes becomes much quicker and clearer
There is a single source of truth for everyone on the project to access
Design and build teams can discuss alterations in real time, for a more collaborative dynamic


Linking AutoCAD to Autodesk Build connects design and build teams, for better collaboration and improved results


AutoCAD easily integrates with Autodesk Build construction productivity software from the Autodesk Construction Cloud
Autodesk Build hosts digital versions of drawings, on a real-time platform that’s accessible from any device. Drawings can be directly and precisely annotated with changes, to tag and notify design reviewers of their tasks. Once uploaded, the new design becomes the current version, eliminating the risk of teams working off outdated plans.


Autodesk Build empowers project teams to collaborate more effectively, for increased ROI

Document Management

Publish Drawings in Minutes

Store and manage all project documents and data from design through construction in a Common Data Environment. Instantly upload and distribute drawings and documents that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable with full drawing search.

Access up to date information, anywhere

Assign tasks to specific drawings

View project information wherever you are. From plans and specifications to snag lists, documents and photos, Autodesk Build is your single source of truth.
Create and map tasks to exact locations on drawings, tagging the assigned team member and specifying a deadline.


Using the power of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, project teams benefit from improved data-sharing, faster collaboration and improved productivity throughout the project lifecycle, from preconstruction right through to facilities management.


Discover how integrating with Autodesk Build makes sharing changes simple, whatever AutoCAD based authoring tool you’re using.
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