Transition to Named User

Transition to plans based on people, not serial numbers.

Autodesk is retiring plans based on serial numbers and assigning each subscription to a named user. Making you more than just a serial number. 

How can you benefit from these new subscriptions?
  • Dedicated access for all employees, wherever and whenever they work. No more downtime because all your licenses are used.
  • Plans for individuals, teams and companies with specific or flexible software access, depending on how your company operates.
  • Optimise your licence costs. New named plans give you visibility into your usage data so you can make smarter investments for your business.
  • Simplified and secure license management - no need to manage network servers or keep track of anonymous serial numbers.

Top 10 reasons to switch to named user

When you move to plans with named users, you can expect a much more relevant user experience - more effective collaboration, more constructive ideas and more convenient time saving.

  1. The named user model is better suited to current business practices and streamlines administrative work.
  2. New plan options offer a range of administration, support, monitoring and reporting options tailored to the size and needs of your business.
  3. You can view your usage data and determine in the future who in your team needs special or flexible access.
  4. You have 1:1 software access, so your employees always have the tools they need when they need them, and downtime is avoided when all licences are used.
  5. You can view usage frequency by product and version to optimise your licensing costs.
  6. In the future, you will be able to analyse collaboration data and find new ways to make your team more productive.
  7. Replace the need to track serial numbers with an efficient cloud-based approach to license management.
  8. Security features, such as two-factor authentication in a standard plan or single sign-on in a premium plan, ensure your design data is safe.
  9. TRADE-IN OFFERS - If you have a multi-user subscription when you next renew before 7 August 2023, you can trade in one seat for two standard subscriptions for one named user each, at a cost equal to what you currently pay.
  10. Keep your costs at what you pay today, get more value, and enjoy ongoing reductions through 2028*.

Switching to named user plans is faster and easier than you think

In a few simple steps, you can access a more relevant user experience, including collaboration, personalised learning content and information.

Step 1: Add users - In the standard plan, you can invite one or more users or import a file for a bulk invitation. The premium plan offers a one-time registration using company credentials. After the initial enrolment, users have access to all Autodesk products to which they are assigned and are automatically added to your user list.

Step 2: Assign users - assign users to your subscriptions one at a time, or import a file to add and assign many users to a specific product at once.

Step 3: Change your network license - There are two ways to do this. You can automate this for all users' devices using a support program, or you can have users do it themselves on their own device.

Step 4: Inform users - Inform your users of the new login process. The next time they open their software on the device they are working on, they will be prompted to log in without having to enter a serial number or reinstall the software.

You and your users are ready to enjoy the benefits of our new plans, such as product usage reports.

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